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Each student received a packet that included a randomly-assigned job, annual salary, student loan debt and other information. The students’ objective was to visit different booths, staffed with PNWFCU employees and local community volunteers, and complete their packet, while maintaining their savings goal. Booths included expenses such as housing, loans, transportation, clothing, lifestyle, or a cell phone.

The City of Portland is the final stage of gathering public comment of the revision of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan is

When walking around your neighborhood, do you see spaces to plant a tree, street trees in need of maintenance, and neighbors who are concerned

With all that is happening in Argay, the Argay Neighborhood Association would like to update everyone on what is happening.

The Prioritize Portland! Project’s purpose is to create a sustainable and enduring partnership process between public infrastructure providers, non-profit advocacy groups, and the existing Portland neighborhood structure, to identify, analyze, and prioritize neighborhood active transportation needs for services and infrastructure.

TriMet our bus and light rail transportation provider has been installing what is called the "leaner" bench along with other benches in routes throughout East Portland.

To quote the TriMet website about them:

This is the time for leaves to fall. The most frequent cause of flooding in the streets is heavy rains washing leaves into the storm drains and clogging things up.

Ride Connection, a private non-profit focused on accessible transportation, is important to our community and to each individual it serves because mobility opens doors. It allows a person to be independent and it offers a way to access life's essentials.