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Many folks from the area had to travel quite a distance to attend the 2014 Spirit of Portland Awards ceremony this year, on the evening of November 6; but three major organizations and one individual from East Portland found the trip rewarding.

Before the program, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales said, “There is a lot of joy in this room. Many times, theirs is a thankless job – this is our way to say ‘thank you’ to those who have given so much to the City.”

Previewing the upcoming awards, Hales added, “East Portland is now really part of the City family. That's why it's great that we see so many awards going to outer East Portland programs and activists – people who have made this community better already.”

One major organization that is working on some of these things and some different ideas is East Portland Action Plan also known as EPAP. If you wish for many of these infrastructure ideas to come about please get involved. Work within your neighborhood organization or EPAP.

By David Hampsten, Hazelwood Neighborhood Association


The new park is expected to be open by the spring of 2017 and will be one of the largest parks in east Portland. It will consist of 15.7 acres of open space on a parcel of land west of Shaver Elementary School in the Argay neighborhood between Shaver and Fremont.

There will be lots of prizes. And, runners of all abilities – a ranging from competitive to recreational – will be recruited through area retailers, businesses, and the high school.

Each student received a packet that included a randomly-assigned job, annual salary, student loan debt and other information. The students’ objective was to visit different booths, staffed with PNWFCU employees and local community volunteers, and complete their packet, while maintaining their savings goal. Booths included expenses such as housing, loans, transportation, clothing, lifestyle, or a cell phone.

The City of Portland is the final stage of gathering public comment of the revision of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan is

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With all that is happening in Argay, the Argay Neighborhood Association would like to update everyone on what is happening.